Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are commonly used for bedroom and as main doors. It is a very important fixture in our home. Essentially, doors act as a means of security because it could grant us entry to our shelter and furniture and at the same time protect us from threats, regardless whether it’s a crime or other outside elements.

It is important for us to choose the RIGHT doors for our home. Its design and quality will enhance the interior of our home to make it more elegant and classy.

We offer varies type of doors ranging from nyatoh doors, solid doors, classic doors & vanner doors. We provide hassle-free services. Customers can just call us for appointment and we should be at your door-step to provide our services.


Classic Door

Classic doors provide simple yet elegant design and cost effective option to customers. Classic door comes with a hollow core which is ideal door for bedroom. It provides flexibility to match your interior to any colour of your preference.


Nyatoh Door

Nyatoh doors are made of strong and solid wood. It is heavier, more durable against weather condition and better sound insulation. It secures against intruders and thieves since it is difficult to break open. Nyatoh doors have solid cores which are ideal for main entrance door and it is pricier.


Vaneer Door

Veneer Doors are made of thin slices of wood glued onto the core to give a neat finish. It is more popular in the market due to its sleek looks and stylish design. It tends to be a bit pricier than contemporary doors and is available in various design and styles.



We also provide Fire-rated doors which are mandated by authorities (HDB/BCA). All our doors include good quality door knobs/levers with a standard lock & key function.